Toronto Jewish Records

Toronto Jewish Deaths (1939 – 1942)

Plus some indexed burial records 1949-1966

Background: This database offers a thorough and richly detailed index of more than 1,450 Jewish death records that occurred in Toronto from the beginning of 1939 to the end of 1942. Every identifiable Jewish record is included, including those for stillborns. (Stillborn records were often put on a separate form that typically included additional details, such as the age and occupation of the parents, and when and where they were married.) Hundreds of Toronto-area Jewish burial records (1949-1966) are also included.

Instructions: Enter at least three (2) characters to search by surname. You may also narrow down the search as required by putting in an initial or first name, the start of the mother’s maiden name, or the year of death. The alternative to search by mother’s maiden name may be useful when searching for a married woman or widow when only her maiden name is known.

Source: York County Death Records, Archives of Ontario; various burial records. ♦

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