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Family Who’s Who (Hebrew Univ. book of Canadian genealogies)

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McCaul Street Synagogue Anniversary Booklet, 1938

Canadian Jewry: Prominent Jews of Canada (1933)

Canadian Jews in WWII (1948)

Hebrew Sick Benefit Society

Souvenir Booklet (1935)

Map of Central Toronto, 1914 Yiddish Concert Program, Massey Hall, 1918 Street Directory of Toronto Ward, 1913 (Might’s)
Toronto Sages: Prominent Rabbis

of Blessed Memory

Toronto Street Guide to the 1911 Census Directory of Toronto Jewish Organizations (1931) Goad’s Map of Central Toronto, 1910, showing ward divisions

List of Jews Naturalized in Toronto, 1910

Seeking Relatives in Toronto, 1922 List of Donors to Jewish Charities, Toronto 1925 Toronto Star New Year Ads, 1934

List of Holy Blossom Members, 1937-1938

Shaarei Shomayim Membership Lists, 1949 & 1978 List of Negev Dinner Patrons, 1956 List of Jewish Names in Cyrillic & Polish

List of students from Harbord & Malvern schools, 1931

List of Central Tech Students, 1933