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Here are some stories about the Alexander family that may be of interest: 

Two views of Bristol house, 1911 & 1914 (Alexanders & Lesters)

Some Early Toronto Film Pioneers (Alexanders, Lesters, etc)

Lost in Hollywood (about cousin Larry Harris, who became a child actor)

A conversation with Great Aunt Sophie (Alexander King)

A remembrance on Remembrance Day (about Russell Gladstone)

David Vanek’s Fulfilment (memoirs includes Alexander references)

Dr. David Eisen was a dedicated historian (as story mentions, Eisen married Vera Alexander)


Alexander Family Tree

(Children of David/Davis Alexander and Bluma nee Franks, who were married in London in 1880, lived many years in Bristol England, and came to Toronto with their family ca 1911. The tree below does not show most current generations) 

Alexander Tree oct2013