Yiddish Youth Concert, Massey Hall, 1918

The Yiddish Yugend Farein or Yiddish Young People’s Organization of Toronto sponsored a Sukkot Concert at Massey Hall on September 25, 1918. Below is the 24-page program, along with a list of names of people and companies mentioned. Note that the booklet’s printed pagination was incorrect and that the order of the pages is correct as is.

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Cover : The Yidishe Yugend Farein Yidishen Folk – Program, Sukkot Concert of the Fareinikta Toronto Peretz Schulen. Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1918 at Massey Music Hall

2- La Favorite Phonograph Co. showing a grandfather clock with built-in wind-up phonograph player

3- Ad for Peretz schools of Toronto

4- Ads, I. Shoot, 406 Queen St. W.; Steinhaus and Grinbaum

5-J. Weinzweig, 628 College; Excelsior Tailoring Co, Solomon Neiman, 272 Queen St., 173 Queen;

6 – A Price and Company, J. Kash Jeweler, Herman’s, Y Steiner, Kling Brothers

7 – National Theatre, Winik’s Union Barber Shop; M. Shliachter; Ginsburgs Lunch Room 294 Spadina

8 – B. Hoffman Ladies Tailor and Milliners, 367 Yonge St. (Check out the hat!)

9 – Balter Brother, 193 Queen St. W.

10 – Harry Krem; Excellent Tailoring Co., 256 Queen; A Wallerstein Cream Parlour (?) and Lunch Room, 332 Spadina

11 – The United Bakers, 116 Dundas St. W.

12-13 – L Witt and Son Ltd. Cleaners, A Samuels and Company, 264 Queen St W.

14 – M Goldberg custom tailor; Herr Schwartz; Novelty Waist Shop, 141 Dundas W; J Shef

15 – B Jacobs Union Barber Shop; to all cloakmakers in Toronto; Y Rozen; The Yiddish Literature, Drama and Art

16 – Dworkin Brothers 525 Dundas St. W.; Gruber’s Restaurant, 281 Queen St. W.; Happy Home, 324 Dundas W.

17 – Sukkot Ball, Poalei Zion; Michael Angelo’s Music School 450 Spadina Ave.

18 – Factor and Shulman Barristers and Solicitors; Dr. Bernard Schaffer, 346 College St; College China Hall; Compliments of a Friend; Y Welkaufsky, 766 Dundas St. W

19 – Wolfe Brothers, 773 Queen; Label’s Restaurant, Mrs. Sophie Lobell, 66 Terauley St.; Franco American Supply Company, 1 Spadina Ave.; Y. Feltshur, 529 Queen St. W.

20 – Whitby Dairy, 30 Palmerston Ave; Dr. M. Kates, dentist, 318 Queen St.; The Piano, R. S. Williams Co, 145 Yonge St; Dr. Schwartz, 137 Beverley St.

21 – Israel Rotbard, druggist, 139 Augusta Ave.; Dr. S. Perlman, dentist, 341 Bathurst St.; City Dye Work, 351 College St.; Dr. M. Pivnik, dentist, corner Queen & Spadina

22 – Financials of Peretz Shul, income and expenses

23 – Arbeiter Zeitung, 208 Spadina Ave.; Friend Kruger and Son, wife Malkah; National Radical Branch 293 Arbeiter Ring

24 – Chazan Kaplan’s, Holy books, kiddushin, 297 Queen St.; Eaton Coal Co., 352 Queen St. W.