Jonathan Rosen: Eve’s Apple

It’s easy to see why Cynthia Ozick called this first novel by New York writer Jonathan Rosen “the work of a natural master.” For one thing, Rosen writes like an angel. For another, his main characters exude a gentleness and emotional sensitivity that is rarely caught on the page.

In this deeply insightful psychological detective story, Joseph, an English teacher to Russian immigrants in New York, feels compelled to unravel the mysteries behind the anorexic and bulimic behavior of his girlfriend, Ruth. He reads her diary in secret, consults a psychiatrist on her behalf, studies every book he can find on the subject.

Rosen has produced a daring domestic tale that operates on an intense Freudian level and resonates with myth, fable and timeless human truths. (Random House) ♦

© 2001