List of Toronto landsmanshaft & mutual benefit societies

Former Shidlov shul, D'Arcy St. (Speisman collection)

This list of Toronto landsmanshaft and (Jewish) mutual benefit and benevolent societies was compiled from a multitude of sources, and includes dates of founding when known. Although care has been taken to ensure accuracy, names may not be complete, spellings may differ, and omissions are inevitable. Please email me at to add a society or a date of founding.  

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A to D

Agudas Hamishpocha (United Families Organization), 1928; All for One 1945; Anshei Apter, 1905; Anshei Driltz, 1934; Anshei Kiev; Anshei New York; Anshei Shidlov; Anshei Slipia; Apter Friendly Society (see also Anshei Apt); Beizetchiner Bnai Jacob Mutual Benefit Society, 1937; Berditchever Brother-Love Sick Benefit Society, 1916; Canadian Hebrew, 1920; Canada Lodge of B’nai Brith (1890s); Chenstechover Aid Society, 1913; Chmielnicker Hebrew Sick Benefit Society; Drildzer (see Anshei Drildz).

E to K

Farband of Lithuanian Jews; First Narieyever; First Roumanian Ahavath Achim, 1907; Foresters (Court Ahavas Achim), 1905; Grand Order of Israel, 1908; Husiatiner Klaus-Beth Israel; Independent Hebrew, 1919; Ivansker, 1931-32; Jewish National Brotherhood; Judean Benevolent, 1919; Kehilah Jacob; Kesher shel Barzel, late 1800s; Kielcer Sick Benefit Society, 1913; Kiever Podolier.

L to P

Labour League (later UJPO), 1927; Ladies Montefiore Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1868; Lagover Sick Benefit Society, 1931; Linitzer Sick Benefit Society, 1913; Lipsker Young Men’s Society; Lubliner; Minsker Farband, 1926 [?] (started synagogue); Mozirer Sick Benefit Society, 1905; New Fraternal Jewish Association; Novo Radomsk, 1909; Ostrovtzer Independent Mutual Benefit Society, 1924; Ozerover, 1937; Piotitomash Society; Polish Young Men’s Hebrew Society, 1915; Pride of Israel, 1905; Progressive, 1938; Pultusker Landsmanshaft.

R to Z

Radomer Friendly Society, 1925; Rosh Pina Anshei Keltz (see Kielcer); Shedlover Young Men’s Society (see Anshei Shidlov); Sons of Abraham, 1919; Sons of David, 1933; Sons of Israel, 1928; Sons of Jacob, 1918; Stashover (Staszower) Benefit Society, 1918; Stopnitzer Young Mens Benevolent Association; Toronto Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1899; Toronto Independent Benevolent Association, 1909; United Hebrew Benevolent, 1918; Warshover, 1928; Warshaw-Lodzer, 1929; Wierzbniker Mutual Benefit Society; Workmen’s Circle, 1910; Young Men’s Hebrew Association, 1896; Zaglembier Society Toronto; Zion Benevolent 1910.

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You may also enjoy . . . Suhl, Yuri, One Foot in America (a novel of Jewish immigrant life in Brooklyn, 1920s). Now and Then Books, Toronto, 2011.

Websites (has stories of various Toronto-based societies including: Agudas Hamishpocha, Chenstochover Aid Society, Chmielnicker Charitable Society, Drildzer Society and Congregation, Farband of Lithuanian Jews in Toronto, Ostrovtzer Independent Mutual Benefit Society, Wierzbniker Friendly Mutual Benefit Society, Zaglembier Ladies Auxiliary Society)

The Ontario Jewish Archives ( has “souvenir booklets” relating to many Toronto landsmanshaft and Jewish mutual benefit societies.