Naomi Klein: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Faux-intellectual “No Logo” celeb Naomi Klein spoke at a “Seder In The Street” last month in New York City before about one hundred mostly adoring JINO (“Jewish-in-name-only”) fans. She shamelessly delivered an antisemitic screed that would have made even Emma Goldman blush.

Klein began her remarks by attacking the first of the Ten Commandments which warns against worshipping false gods. She seemed to imply that the God of the Jews was a small-minded, jealous Deity who wanted to take all the credit for everything.

Having kicked God directly, she then turned her Prada jackboots towards God’s Chosen People in their Promised Land. If you’re a Jew who hates Israel, you’re fine in her eyes; otherwise, you’re despised.

“We don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism,” she told her pathetic little group of idolizers. And how they cheered when she cleverly (because it was Passover) called for an “exodus from Zionism.”

According to this pathological prophetess of the loony left, the Jews are in violation of several of the revered Commandments that they themselves brought down into the world through the agency of Moses. She spit it out, all at once: the Jews worship false idols, the Jews murder, the Jews lie, the Jews steal, the Jews covet, the Jews commit genocide.

Baking matzah with the blood of Christian children; poisoning the wells of Europe; spreading the Black Death; controlling the world banking system; and clandestinely controlling the world’s major governments were a few other little sins that she forgot to mention. Sadly, we’ve heard all of this filthy conspiracy trash many times before, persistently down the centuries from Haman to Hitler to al-Husseini, the Jew-hating Grand Mufti of British Mandate Jerusalem.

Klein is sometimes confused with another celebrity Naomi called Naomi Wolf, a phenomenon she herself explored in her most recent, self-indulgent book, Doppelganger (available on Amazon, like many of her other misanthropic books, for a healthy capitalist price). Because of that association, I have come to think of her as a Wolf (fangs and all) in sheep’s clothing.

Klein “has certainly succeeded in becoming today’s leading opponent of Israel in the Western world,” wrote Hillel Neuer of UN Watch some fifteen years ago. Since then, her antisemitic spewing has lost none of its vitriol and antagonism. She has outdone herself by finding new and creative ways to vilify Israel and the Jews. She is the perfect mascot and poster child for the new JINO antisemitism of the intellectual left.

I was recently at a Reform Seder service where the host placed an orange on the seder plate, explaining that it represented all those people who, for a variety of intersectional reasons, feel excluded from the Jewish mainstream.

Afterwards I realized that the Passover Hagaddah already refers to the people who “self-exclude” themselves from the Jewish people. The parable of the Four Sons references the Wise Son, the Wicked Son, the Simple Son and the Son Who Doesn’t Know How to Ask. Not surprisingly, it’s the Wicked Son who excludes himself.

To borrow the symbol of the orange: Klein is an orange wrecking ball, aimed at the destruction of the Jewish state and the Jewish people, an undeniable indigenous people of the Middle East. The ignominy and infamy that she and her fellow travellers are heaping upon their own names will stain their reputations for generations to come. ♦