Famous personalities in The Unbroken Chain

as compiled by Dr. Neil Rosenstein

  • Karl Marx, German philosopher, critic of political economy, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary;
  • Helena Rubinstein (“cosmetic queen”);
  • Moses Mendelssohn (famous philosopher) and grandfather of composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy;
  • Lawrence Zox, American artist, painter and printmaker
  • Charles Mendelssohn-Horsfall, British societal portrait painter and his works were widely exhibited
  • Jan Carl Juta, mural artist whose murals were commissioned for the Cunard liners Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth and his portrait of the famous British writer and poet, D.H. Lawrence hangs in London’s National Portrait Gallery
  • Karl Longuet, noted French sculptor
  • Dr. Richard Plant, German-American writer of children’s books
  • Libbie Block, American nationally known short story writer and novelist
  • Hugo Simon, German banker, politician, art collector and agriculturist
  • French Barons de Rothschild
  • Israel Sacharov, Director of Bank Leumi Israel
  • Hans Salomon Wolters, a leader in the American entertainment industry
Bible Scholars and Archeologists:
  • Benjamin Mazar, leading Israeli archaeologist
  • Joseph Aviram, long-time Israel Exploration Society Secretary
  • Professor Max Leopold Margolis, Biblical exegete, author and philologist at Hebrew Union College
  • Arthur Shorin, CEO of the chewing gum Topps Company
  • Michael A. Gould, the chairman and chief executive of Bloomingdale’s
  • David Asher Gould, Senior Vice-President of United Hospital Fund
  • Selma Weiser, founder of Charivari clothing stores in New York (1967-1998 and listed in 1976 by Esquire Magazine as the top New York store out of eight American stores listed
Court Judges:
  • Judge David Saxe of the New York State Appellate Supreme Court
  • Judge David Edmond Neuberger, England’s second most senior judge
  • Dr. Yitzchak Kister, prominent Israeli jurist and High Court judge
Journalists and Correspondents:
  • David Halberstam, (Pulitzer Prize winner)
  • Benjamin Mckinlay Kantor, Washington correspondent
  • Seth Kantor, Washington correspondent, reporter and editor
  • Lee Mortimer, New York newspaper columnist, playwright, novelist and screenwriter
  • Donald M. Freed, journalist, author, novelist, screenwriter and movie actor
  • Robert-Jean Longuet, French lawyer and journalist
  • Dr. Nathan Birnbaum, Zionist, Austrian writer, journalist, Jewish thinker and nationalist
Military personalities:
  • Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson, Chief Cantor of the Israel Defense Force
  • US Major General Julius Klein, WWII war correspondent for Hearst newspapers and National Commander of the Jewish Veterans
Patented inventors:
  • David T. Siegel, a patented inventor of the radio rheostat and resistor
  • Martin Buber
  • Dr. Paul Hugo Wilhelm Hensel, German philosophe
  • Dr. DeWitt Hans Stettin, American biochemist, physician and Dean of Rutgers University Medical School
  • Dr. Meir Stampfer, was a Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard Medical School
  • Dr Alan Wayne, Professor of Pediatric Oncology at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles
  • Dr. Arthur Harold Rubenstein, world-renowned endocrinologist, Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Saul Wahl, 17th century Lithuanian knight and legendary king of Poland
  • Gabriel Riesser, German politician and lawyer and emancipator of German Jewry
  • Thomas Foley Ellenbogen, a New York City Real Estate Bureau official
  • Aaron Samuel Lieberman, known as “the Father of Jewish Socialism”
  • Yaakov (Jacob) Frank, a member of the Israeli Keneset (1975-77)
  • Dr. Marvin Schick, author, journalist, political scientist and founder of COLPA (National Jewish Commission on Law and Public Affairs)
  • Yeheskel Sahar, Inspector General of the Israeli Police Force and Ambassador to Austria
  • Ari (Lova) Eliav, Member of Israeli Keneset
  • Benjamin Mintz, Member of Israeli Keneset
  • Alard du Bois Reymond, Head of the German Federal Office for Immigration
  • Dr. Eliyahu Katzenellenbogen, Deputy Minister of the Israel Education Ministry
  • Dr. Amit Yoran, cryptology specialist, Head of Cyber Security at the Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush
  • Honorable Sir Harry Herbert Juta, Judge President of the Cape, South Africa
  • Jean Laurent Frederick Longuet, prominent French political socialist, lawyer and journalist
  • Dr. Nachum Rakower, Professor of Law at Bar-Ilan University and Deputy Attorney General of Israel
  • Judge Yaakov Turkel, Israeli Supreme Court Justice
  • Rabbi Reines, founder of the Mizrachi Movement
  • Four Chief Rabbis of the British Empire
  • Rabbi Ezriel Chaikin, Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine
  • Rabbi Nachum Mordecai Perlow and his son Rabbi Jacob Perlow, New York Novominsker Rebbes Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padwa, Chief Rabbi of UK Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations
  • Rabbi Dr. Eduard Baneth, world-famous German Talmudist
  • Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Hungarian-born American religious leader who founded the international Hineni movement in the USA
  • Dr. Caesar Seligmann, founder of Liberal Judaism in Germany
  • Sir Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth and his wife Lady Amelie Munk
  • Rabbi Eli Munk, a leading figure of pre-WWII Germany Orthodox Jewry
  • Rabbi Michel Leib Munk, community rabbi, educator and founder of the summer Camp Munk
  • Rabbi Jacob Kamenetsky, prominent rabbi yeshiva head and Talmudist in post-WWII American Jewry
  • Rabbi Chaim Jacob Shapiro, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem
  • Rabbi Rafael Shapiro, Dean of the famed Volozhin Yeshiva
  • Rabbi Dr. Joseph Dov Ber Soloveitchik, a major American Orthodox rabbi, Talmudist and modern Jewish philosopher
  • Rabbi Dr. Chaim Soloveitchik, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem Rabbi Meir Yaakov Soloveitchik gave the 2012 invocation at the opening session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa
  • Rabbi Isaac Zeev Soloveitchik, Orthodox rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of the Brisk Yeshiva in Jerusalem
  • Rabbi Jeno Schick, post WWII Chief Rabbi of Hungary
  • Rabbi Amram Blau, founder of the extremist Jewish anti-Zionist Jerusalem-based Neturei Karta sect
  • Rabbi. Moshe Arye Bamberger, Chief Rabbi of Metz, France
  • David Oppenheimer, Rabbi of Nikolsburg and Prague whose library of Hebrew books and manuscripts were bought by the British Bodleian Library
  • Dan Almagor, Israeli songwriter and play producer (Hebrew version of Fiddler on the Roof, The King and I, My Fair Lady)
  • Richard X. Heyman, American singer-songwriter and musician
  • Herbert Lawrence Anderson, a member of the Manhattan Project and nuclear energy pioneer
  • Dr. Amos Yahil, Professor of Physics, Stony Brook University
  • Dr. Paul Sophus Epstein, noted theoretical and mathematical physicist, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and Professor at Caltech (California Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence Rubenstein, Skirball Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Literature at the Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies of New York University
  • Dr. Louis I. Ginzberg, Professor of Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
TV writers and entertainers:
  • Herbert Finn (The Flintstones, 1960, The Jackie Gleason Show, 1952, Dennis the Menace and the Brady Bunch)
  • Irving Gray, manager and executive director producer for TV comedian Milton Berle
  • Joshua Kuvin, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist
  • Charles Hyman Gould, NYU graduate, senior field producer for Fox Business Network and a producer at “On The Money,” news program on CNBC
University Professors and personalities:
  • Adolf Katzenellenbogen, Medieval Art Professor at Johns Hopkins University
  • Moshe Greenberg, Professor Emeritus in Biblical Studies at the Hebrew University
  • Dr. Robert L. Rabin, Calder Mackay Professor of Law at Stanford University Law School
  • Dr. Yaakov Snyders, Professor of Electrical Engineering in Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Peter Albert David Singer, Australian moral philosopher and bioethicist, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and author of Animal Liberation (1975)
  • Benjamin M. Frankel, founder of American universities campus, Hillel Foundation
  • Dr. Meir Jacob Kister, Professor of Islam at the Hebrew University
  • Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, American historian, Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University, author of Denying the Holocaust
  • Dr. Otto Georg von Simson, Professor of Art History, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Felix Gilbert, historian and author, Professor at the School of Historic Studies (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton)
  • Dr. Joachim Wach, Professor of the History of Religion at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. Eli Ginzberg, Professor of Economics at Columbia University, New York and labor economic advisor to eight American presidents
  • Sir Moses Israel Finley, Professor of Classics at Cambridge University and of Ancient History and Master of Darwin College