Gryfe family reunion in Toronto, 2010

One century after Sam Gryfe left his home in Botosani, Romania and came to Canada, more than 100 of his descendants gathered for a family reunion in Toronto, reported the Canadian Jewish News on June 3, 2010.

Well-known descendants include Mark Gryfe, who is involved in the Baycrest Foundation, and Moishe Gryfe, who runs Gryfe’s Bagel Bakery on Bathurst Street.

Family members sang “To Gryfe to Gryfe, L’chaim,” said Elaine Lightstone, Sam Gryfe’s granddaughter.

Cyril Gryfe was instrumental in building the family tree through his genealogical research, the story reported. A display in the reunion hall celebrated the family’s Romanian culinary heritage, as practiced by Sam Gryfe’s wife, Molly. Bagels from Gryfe’s bakery were served at the reunion. ♦