Hebrew Sick Benefit Society Booklet (1935) page B

The following pages are from the souvenir booklet published by the Hebrew Sick Benefit Society of Toronto in 1935 upon the commemoration of its 35th anniversary. It contains many greetings, advertisements and other items from individual members, often listing family names and other details about family history. Most of the pages are in Yiddish. Each page is an expandable JPG; just click on it to enlarge it. Names on each page are listed in the file-name of each file; and also repeated as text below so as to come up in a search using this website’s search box. Note that not all pages of the booklet are here — only those with family photos or information have been included.

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HSBS-8751-Singer-Schuler-Diamond-Martin    HSBS-8752-Skravasky-GLICENSTEIN    HSBS-8753-Schechter-Cherney-Eidelkup-Plaksgold    HSBS-8754-Gordon-Lewis   HSBS-8755-Markovitz-Steinhar-Steinhoar-Karp-Carp    HSBS-8756-Herman-Schlacter-Arnot-Pasternak    HSBS-8757-Kroftsik-Singer    HSBS-8758   HSBS-8760-Skrobasky-Beder-Bregman-Kahn    HSBS-8761-Zimmerman-Neufeld    HSBS-8762-Diamond-Diamant-Broderson-Radzinsky    HSBS-8763-Jacobs-Milgram-Zivitz-Toib-etc   HSBS-8764-Weisberg-European-Godman-OrangeDandy    HSBS-8765-Blum-Romberg-Zilberstein-Shopsowitz    HSBS-8766-Rubinstein-Grosberg-Martin-Saltzberg-various    HSBS-8767-Rotbart-Rothbart-Kling-Rumianik   HSBS-8768-Tanenbaum-Shields    HSBS-8769-Litowitz-Goldberg-Pomerantz-Weinberg-Milstein-Papernick-Berenstein    HSBS-8770-Pichosky-Buk-Book-Agranove-Fryman    HSBS-8771-various   HSBS-8772-various    HSBS-8773-Kavetsky-Gorlitsky-various    HSBS-8774-Halpern-Sporn-Levy-various    HSBS-8775-Various   HSBS-8776-Saltzman-Adler-Mintz-Cooper    HSBS-8777-Weintrope-various    HSBS-8778-Nagel-Lehman-Mintz-Gotlieb    HSBS-8780-Ceslowitz-Steiner


Pages above include the following names:

1 Singer Schuler Diamond Martin; 2 Skravasky Glicenstein; 3 Schechter Cherney Eidelkup Plaksgold; 4 Gordon Lewis; 5 Markovitz Steinhar Steinhoar Karp Carp; 6 Herman Schlacter Arnot Pasternak; 7 Kroftsik Singer; 8 various; 9 Skrobasky Beder Bregman Kahn; 10 Zimmerman Neufeld; 11 Diamond Diamant Broderson Radzinsky; 12 Jacobs Milgram Zivitz Toib various; 13 Weisberg European Godman Orange Dandy; 14 Blum Romberg Zilberstein Shopsowitz; 15 Rubinstein Grosberg Martin Saltzberg various; 16 Rotbart Rothbart Kling Rumianik; 17 Tanenbaum Shields; 18 Litowitz Goldberg Pomerantz Weinberg Milstein Papernick Berenstein; 19 Pichosky Buk Book Agranove Fryman; 20 various; 21 various 22 Kavetsky Gorlitsky various; 23 Halpern Sporn Levy various; 24 various 25 Saltzman Adler Mintz Cooper; 26 Weintrope various; 27 Nagel Lehman Mintz Gotlieb; 28 Ceslowitz Steiner.