Obit: David Gold, joined Jewish Brigade (d. 1984)

Fought with Jewish Brigade during WWI

David Gold, one of few surviving fighters in the Jewish Brigade which fought in Palestine in World War One, died in Toronto in March 1984 at the age of 91, the Canadian Jewish News reported in its issue of April 12, 1984.

Gold was born in Jassy, Romania and came with his family to Toronto in 1908. An ardent Labor Zionist, he joined the Palestine Brigade, a section of the British Army, in 1915. He helped the British fight the Turks and assisted in establishing a stronger Jewish presence in Palestine.

Although he returned to Canada after the war, he soon returned to Palestein to help build the homeland. He lived there throughout much of the 1920s, the newspaper reported, and helped found Kibbutz Givat Brenner. In somewhat ill health and without a job in Palestine, he returned to Toronto in 1929.

He married Leah Gold, who died in 1977, and worked as a parking lot attendant. He retired in 1964. He had one daughter, Esther, who married Marvin Tile, and one son, Fred, who married Ruth. He leaves grandchildren Gary and Rosemary, Stephen, Deborah and Andrew Tile, as well as Philip and Elliott Gold. ♦