Oppenheimer-Marks “Rainbow Wedding,” 1902

From the Toronto Star, September 24, 1902

A fashionable audience of guests gathered this afternoon in Holy Blossom Synagogue to witness the marriage of Mr. Joseph Oppenheimer of New Orleans to Miss Lottie Marks, daughter of Mrs. D. Marks of 526 Euclid Avenue.

The bride entered leaning on the arm of her grandfather, Mr. N. Lyons. She was attired in a dress of white satin, trimmed with chiffon applique. The long flowing train was supported by Master Siggie Lyons, cousin of the bride, who was in a Lord Fauntleroy costume of black silk velvet and Napoleonic hat. Attending the bride was her sister, Miss Mildred Marks. The bridesmaids, sisters of the room, were Misses Fanny, Belle and Martha Oppenheimer, dressed in gowns of muslin de soie in hues of mauve, blue and pink respectively.

The mother of the bride, Mrs. D. Marks; Mr. Samuel Levi performed the functions of best man; the ushers were Messrs. A Lyons, uncle of the bride; H. Marks, E. Marks, A. Cohen, M. Cohen and C. Draimin. After the espousal rites were consummated at the Synagogue by Rev. Mr. Jacobs, the party repaired to the home of the bride, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was partaken of, Etc. ♦