Sherman was society president for 60 years

William Sherman, who served as president of the Lipsker Young Mens Society for more than 60 years, died recently (2003) at age 91.

He was the son of Samuel who came here from Lipsk, Poland in 1905, and in 1930 started Sherman Tailors on College Street.

Samuel’s three sons, Teddy, the late Sollie and William, joined their father in business. The store was sold two years ago.

In 1930, Samuel became a founding member of the Lipsker Society, and in 1943, William accepted the position of president.

Teddy, who is also active in the society, said his brother was president for life.

“Willie was the most honest person I ever knew. You could always count on him. He was known for his dedication to the Lipsker, and was available 24 hours a day,” said Teddy.

Allan Goldreich, secretary of the society, and the third generation in his family to be involved in the landsmanshaft, said, “As long as Willie Sherman was president, he was totally dedicated to the society — b’emunah, with total conviction.”

Rabbi Meir Gottesman, spiritual leader of the Emunah Shleima Synagogue, where William was the first person to daven for the High Holy Days 25 years ago, said, “He was a wonderful, excellent and warm-hearted mensch and like a second father to me. William is irreplaceable. He and his wife dedicated a memorial board to our shul and he was loving and devoted to his family.”

In a telephone interview, Sherman’s grandson Phillip Kamin who lives in New York, said, “My grandfather was an extraordinary man and loved by all types of people and animals. His motto was, ‘A man’s good name is worth more than all the money in the world.’ He taught me many things.”

Sherman is survived by his wife Bella; daughter Terri Kamin; three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was brother and brother-in-law of Doris Miller, and Teddy and Eve Sherman. ♦

© 2003 by Cynthia Gasner