Great new structures pierce Toronto’s skyline (1928)

THE Toronto Telegram reported on Friday June 1, 1928 the construction of these six buildings that would considerably alter Toronto’s skyline. Here is the caption information to this large illustration:

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Great New Structures Pierce Toronto’s Sky Line

Cost Millions to Construct

Never in the history of Toronto has there been any year which has seen building constrution on such a large scale in the downtown district. With the exception of one structure, which is an apartment house, all are south of Queen and between Yonge and York Streets.

Each costs well over a million dollars to build and when completed will change considerably Toronto’s skyline. With the exception of one to be started soon, all are now in course of erection, and are doing their part towards the great transformation which is taking place in the finanacial and commercial heart of Toronto. All of the four skyscrapers will be twenty or more storeys in height, the Bank of Commerce to be the highest in the British Empire.

Famous Buildings Pictured

From left to right:

Upper row

  • Richmond and Bay street skyscraper
  • C.P.R.’s Royal York Hotel on Front Street opposite the new Union Station
  • Bank of Commerce new building at King and Jordan streets, construction of which will begin this summer.

Lower row

  • Commerce and Transportation Building at north-east corner of Bay and Front Streets
  • Star Building on King Street, between Bay and York streets
  • Clarridge Apartments, at Avenue Road and Clarenden Avenues. ♦