Scandal: ‘kosher’ sausage is really treif (1919)

From the Canadian Jewish Chronicle, September 5, 1919

A very interesting decision was handed down last Sunday in the Jewish Court of Arbitration.

The case was that of the S. Karsch Co., kosher sausage manufacturers. The company consists of two partners, Sam Karsh and Joseph Peverman. One of the partners accused the other of misappropriating the funds.

The lawyers on both sides, being Jews, they persuaded their clients to take the matter to the Jewish Court of Arbitration. They did so and the case has occupied the attention of the “Court” for several sittings.

Last week the court, presided over by Mr. Maxwell Goldstein, K.C., Rabbi Cohen, Mr. Kellnor and Mr. Kaplansky, secretary, brought the matter to a close.

Mr. Goldstein, in rendering judgment, however, spoke of some startling revelations that came to light during the course of the trial and he and Rabbi Cohen took the sausage company severely to task for imposing upon the Jewish people of this city.

The products manufactured by this company are not kosher.

All the bills exhibited at the trial showed that the so-called kosher sausage manufacturers had bought only treifah meat and even pork.

“Did you never require kosher meat to make the kosher sausages?” asked the judge.

“If the kosher meat was sold to us at the same price as the treifah, why we bought it,” was the answer.

Mr. Goldstein spoke severely to the manufacturers, warning them that they were not only committing a sin, but that they were actually breaking the law by fooling the public.

Rabbi Cohen also spoke feelingly, pointing out the crime they were committing by their actions, but one of the sausage manufacturers retorted that other companies were guilty of the same crime.

Among the bills were also found the names of well-known orthodox Jews of this city who are customers of the delinquents. It is on their behalf that we are making the matter public, as we feel that it is most essential that they be enlightened as to the true state of affairs. ♦

Above: Cartoon from New York Yiddish satirical journal of a century ago, in which a butcher assures a customer that everything in his shop is kosher despite evidence of ‘treif’ everywhere.