Site for new Women’s College Hospital (1926)

From The Toronto Evening Telegram, July 6, 1926

Southeast corner of Grosvenor Street and Surrey Place, which has been purchased for $57,500. The corner property was bought from Wm. H. and Elizabeth S. Van der Smissen for $29,000 and takes in Nos. 73 and 75 Grosvenor Street and No. 15 Surrey Place. The house on the extreme left with the verandah showing was the home of the late Dr. Beattie Nesbitt and is now occupied by the Neighbourhood Workers’ Association. It was purchased from the doctor’s widow, Clara Louisa Nesbitt, for $28,500. Each parcel occupies 75 feet frontage on Grosvenor and has 110 feet depth. These buildings will be torn down when plans mature for the erection of a new $500,000 hospital building. ♦