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Ups & downs of a department store elevator (1900)

Panic at Yonge Street crossing (1910)

A Toronto baseball team from 1880

Davisville hotel to disappear (1928)

First Home of Heintzman Piano Factory

Profile: Dorothy Dworkin, nurse & Mount Sinai founder

Archaeology of Toronto’s ‘Ward’ (2018)

Toronto City Guide befits a great city (2018)

OJA exhibit pays homage to Benjamin Brown (2016)

Books gather dust in Toronto’s ghostly Jewish Public Library 

Infuriated Toronto Youths Riot Over Showing of Swastika (1933)

Saving the Babies of Toronto’s Poor—Pure Milk Depots Doing Grand Work (1911)

Toronto had 3,000 cars in 1911 (Star Weekly)

Christian missions proselytized Jews in ‘the Ward’

Is Toronto Troubled by ‘Too Much Sunday’? (1914)

Toronto’s oldest building gives way, modern structure to rise (1911)

Benjamin Brown: Restoring an architect’s legacy (2015)

Praise & Admiration for Toronto Police (1903)

Exhibition Of 1889 Only One He Missed (1922)

Mount Sinai Hospital had humble beginnings

Street directory of Toronto’s “Ward” — 1913

Review of ‘Toronto: Biography of A City’ (Allan Levine)

Toronto City Council, 1907

North Toronto celebrates new car service (1922)

Toronto gripped by war fever (August 1914)

Many Buildings to Be Demolished at College & Yonge (1928)

Love turns to murder on Adelaide Street (1914)

Night Was Just One Long Agony in Crowded Ward (1911)

York Street of 40 Years Ago (1928)

Bungalow craze has Toronto builders gripped (1922)

Story of Toronto’s First Telephones (1922)

A Toronto map from 1914 (in six easy pieces)

Central Bureau Needed to Identify Criminals (1907)

Toronto foreigners and their banking (1906)

Hard conditions inside a box factory (1913)

Profile: Elias Rogers, Canada’s “King Coal” (1913)

Terrible Tales of Toronto Slums (1911)

Need for playgrounds in ‘the Ward’ (1924)

Peddlers Are Not Thieves, says Alderman Salsberg (1938)

Arts & Letters Club — New & Old

Torontonians who have vanished to the four corners of the globe (1913)

Globe notices sharp increase of Jews in Toronto (1910)

Unbuilt Toronto 2: More of the City That Might Have Been (book review)

The Streets of Toronto (Yonge, Queen, King, College) (1910)

Site for new Women’s College Hospital (1926)

Dancing at Jewish Wedding Violates Sunday Blue Laws (1912)

Hucksters versus housewives in Kensington market (1925)

Toronto’s chief librarian a remarkable fellow (1913)

Fewer women thieves in city than 10 years ago (1913)

Deputy chief says police census was carefully done (1912)

The shantytowns on Toronto’s outskirts (1911) 

“Mashers I Have Met” — Toronto Girl Tells All (1913)

How Toronto’s city directory is compiled (1913)

Geological History of North Toronto

Ing Quong, Chinese magnate, in his last procession (1912)

Lawrence Solman, Canada’s Uncrowned Amusement King (1926)

Emma Goldman, Toronto’s anarchist guest (1926)

Jubilant crowd celebrates war’s end, Toronto 1918 (photostory)

Canadianizing the foreigners with ‘Settlement Work’ (1914)

Toronto’s ‘400’ Sometimes Visit Pawnbrokers (1914)

North Toronto annexation occurred 100 years ago (1912)

Little things that have sent Ontario criminals to the gallows (1912)

Policeman’s job not hazardous (1914) 

Betting on the Decisions in Toronto’s Police Court (1914)

An Iroquois-Huron village in north Toronto

Canada’s 400th birthday — and Toronto at 100 (1934)

The new Arts & Letters Club opens, 1910 

Farewell to the old Parliament Buildings (1902)

Sam Harris witnessed Toronto’s great fire of 1904

Some Early Toronto Film Pioneers

List of Jews naturalized in Toronto, 1910

Dark, dangerous police station in St. Andrew’s Market, 1907

Toronto by night: a policeman’s rounds, 1884 (Toilers of the Night, No. 3)

Behind the Scenes in Toronto Police Court (1910)

Toilers of the Night: Making a living under the gas jets in Toronto, 1884 (No. 1 in a series)

Toilers of the Night: a Toronto bakery and hospital (1884) (No. 2 in a series)

A glimpse into the early days of the Queen’s Hotel

10,000 Criminals in Toronto’s Police Records (1914) 

Removing the Hill from Forest Hill (1928)


Ups & downs of a department store elevator (1900)

A Toronto baseball team from 1880

First Home of Heintzman Piano Factory

Central Bureau Needed to Identify Criminals (1907)

Profile: Elias Rogers, Canada’s “King Coal” (1913)

Some Famous Captures by Toronto Police (1903)

Inside Toronto’s All-Night Restaurants (1910)

Hillcrest racetrack was at Davenport & Bathurst (1912)

Police cyclist, Toronto 1909

Should Toronto police have an automobile? (1911)

How teachers tame school-children in the Ward (1906)

All in a day’s work: Census takers in ‘the Ward’

 Musty Memories of Old Court House on Adelaide Street

Miss Mary Minty, Toronto’s first policewoman (1913)

Should Toronto Have a Woman Magistrate? (1912)

Harry Winberg, mayoral candidate, 1915

Toronto Police Inspector Alf Cuddy Remembered

On Dickens’ Bicentenary: Toronto’s Dickens society in 1912

Helen Keller at Massey Hall, 1914

Reminiscence of the Grand Old Opera House, 1924

Historic photograph of 1812 veterans was taken in 1861

WOW! Video of rare 1910 Toronto panoramic photo from Library of Congress

Aerial view of Toronto, 1910

More ‘Unbuilt Toronto’: An airport at Sheppard & Bathurst

1911 news report: a ‘gipsy’ encampment near Davisville 

News flash: 102 violent deaths in Toronto in 1911

Opening of the Standard Yiddish Theatre, 1922

Great New Structures Pierce Toronto’s Sky Line  (1928) 

Remembering the Temple Building on old Bay Street (1928)

Goldwin Smith, Historical Puzzle

A sensational Toronto murder from 1894

Toronto’s colored population in 1908


(Aaron) Rafi Aaron on Osip Mandelstam

(Ackler) City Man: Fine novel of ’30s Toronto

(Berris) A Toronto doc’s memoir

(Bezmozgis) Bezmozgis directs Victoria Day

(Bezmozgis) Bezmozgis writes, directs film

(Bianco) Fine telling of the Reichmann saga

(Burstow) Burstow’s House on Lippincott

(Blum) Conversation with screenwriter Len Blum

(Chinsky) The Tailor’s Daughter

(Cohen) Literary tribute to Matt Cohen

(Cohen) Matt Cohen’s Last Seen

(Danson) Barney Danson saga

(Diamond) A study of Toronto’s Orthodox Jews

(Drabinsky) Drabinsky protects Showboat with legal action

(Drabinsky) The making of Ragtime the musical

(Drainie) My Jerusalem by Bronwyn Drainie

(Eisen) David Eisen, the doctor who loved history

(Engel) Detective Benny Cooperman turns 30

(Engel) Howard Engel’s Memory Book

(Faessler) Shirley Faessler’s ‘Basket of Apples’ — An Appreciation (2013)

(Fagan) Cary Fagan’s Valentine’s Fall

(Fagan) Three by Cary Fagan

(Fagan) Review: A Bird’s Eye, by Cary Fagan

(Friedland) Author-professor Martin Friedland

(Gatenby) Toronto: A Literary Guide

(Gold) Powerful stories from Nora Gold

(Goldman) The ‘dangerous’ Emma Goldman

(Graham) Graham’s Earth and High Heaven

(Holz) Two by Cynthia Holz

(Kacer) Kacer’s Hiding Edith & Gabi’s Dresser

(Knelman) Hot Art: Knelman probes secret world of stolen art

(Larson) Devil and the White City (references Toronto)

(Levine) Hana’s Suitcase keeps on travelling

(Mandelman) Avner Mandelman, innovative short story writer

(Marmur) Marmur ‘On Being A Jew’

(Marrus) The sound of no hands clapping

(Miller ) Yiddish letters knit together ‘A Thousand Threads’

(Morgentaler) Morgentaler a ‘difficult hero’

(Nestel) Nestel’s Holocaust memoir

(Novak) Toronto’s David Novak to address papal conference

(Oliver) A mature story collection from Joan Oliver

(Papernick) There Is No Other (stories)

(Paris) Paris wins prize for Long Shadows

(Rakoff) Rakoff’s Baldwin Street

(Rapoport) Rapoport’s ‘House on the River’

(Redhill) Consolation: New glimpses of old Toronto

(Rotenberg) Crossing the Yellow Line into murder-mystery territory

(Sanders) Biblical novel set in 1st century

(Sandler) Toronto’s Tom Sandler, photographer to the Royals

(Scheier) Libby Scheier’s ‘seething inferno of words’

(Schild) Rabbi Schild’s World Through My Window

(Schild) Rabbi Schild’s memoir of an ‘uncertain passage’

(Schmidt) Growing Up Catholic in Jewish ‘hood

(Sharp) Rosalie Sharp’s ‘Improbable Life’

(Sherman) Two by Sherman: Clusters and The Well

(Sherman) Sherman’s Void and Voice

(Sherman) Interview with playwright Jason Sherman

(Shneidman) Shneidman’s study of the Vilna Ghetto

(Shopsowitz) Obit: Sam Shopsowitz, hot-dog king, dead at 63 (1984)

(Solomon) Blurb on Crossing the Distance

(Stransman) Warm Toronto Memoirs

(Teleky) Teleky’s The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin

(Torgov) Morley Torgov’s The War to End All Wars

(Tulchinsky) Tulchinsky’s Five Books of Moses Lapinsky

(Vanek) David Vanek’s Fulfillment

(Waxman) Al Waxman is ‘Lost in Yonkers’

(Wex) Wex: Kvetching all the way to the bank

(Wintrob) Kitty Wintrob’s wartime memoir, I’m Not Going Back

(Wolf) Stray Cats: A Memoir

(Wyman) Mildred Wyman’s Forest of Trees


Obit: Anthony Adamson

Obit: Canadian arts patron Bluma Appel (1919-2007)

Obit: Morris Bachrack, merchant

Obit: Harry Barberian, restaurateur (c1930-2001)

Profile: artist Aba Bayefsky (1923-2001)

Obit: Eric Armour Beecroft (1903-2001)

Obit: Marion Bessin (d. 1981)

Profile: Jimmy Blugerman (1887-1991), labour organizer extraordinaire

Obit: film worker Bill Brodie (1931-2002)

Obit: Bill Carrick, wildlife photographer (1920-2002)

Obit: Julia Ching (1934-2001), professor of Chinese

Obit: Rabbi Moses B. Clavir (1857-1928)

Profile: Jacob Cohen, Jewish magistrate, from the Globe 1910

Obit: Matt Cohen

Obit: artist E. B. Cox (1914-2003)

Obit: Ross Dowson, Trotskyite & mayoral candidate (d. 2002)

Profile: Dorothy Dworkin, nurse & Mount Sinai founder

Profile: Dr. David Eisen was a dedicated historian

Profile: Rose Friedman at 100 

A sketch of artist Gerald Gladstone

Artist Karla Goldberg triumphs over adversity

(Goodis) Obit: Jerry Goodis. founding member of Travellers (2002) (Gasner)

Obit: Eddie Goodman, lawyer, political power broker (1918-2006)

Profile: Wilferd Gordon (1909-1994)

Obit: pediatric neurosurgeon E. Bruce Hendrick (1924-2001)

Obit: General Choi Hong Hi, grand master of taekwon-do

Obit: Dr. Daniel Hill (1923-2003)

Obits: Irving Himel (1915-2001) 

Obit: Ben Kayfetz

Profile: folk artist Mayer Kirshenblatt (1916–2009)

Obit: Justice Paul Lamek (2001) 

(Lichtman) Sammy Lichtman profiled in Toronto Star, 1913

(Lowe Sandler) Songwriter is remembered for I’ll Never Smile Again (Gasner)

Obit: nursing sister Dorothy Ann Macham (1910-2002)

Profile: Honest Ed Mirvish (2001)

Obit: deputy police chief Jim Noble (1924-2003)

Obit: Meyer Joshua Nurenberger (1911-2001) 

Obit: herniologist Nicholas Obney (1918-2003)

Obit: Harry Rasky, film pioneer

Profile: coal magnate Elias Rogers (1913)

Obit: Toronto fire chief Walter Shanahan (1931-2002)

Obit: comedian Frank Shuster (1916-2002)

Obit: Mandel Sprachman

Obit: Dr. Arthur Squires (1909-2002) 

Obit: Nancy Wade Stadler, Toronto librarian (1948-2002)

Profile: Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Tator (2000) (Rose)

Obit: A. Douglas Tushingham, ROM archaeologist (1914-2002)

Obit: Mrs. Harry Winberg, nee Bachrack

Profile: Max Wolfe (1982)

Obits: Kew Dock Yip (1906-2001) & Irving Himel (1915-2001) 

Obit: Dr. Nestor Yanga, Toronto SARS victim (1948-2003)


(Bachracks) See Harry Winberg, mayoral candidate, 1915

(Cooper’s) Toronto company boasts 50 years, four generations

H. Halpern Esq. continues long family tradition

Laundry has long history — and spotless reputation

Sammy Lichtman, profiled in Toronto Star, 1913

Fine tailoring pays off for Harry Rosen (1984)


Magnificent Granatstein house was demolished 1999 (Rose)

Oakwood Collegiate marks 100 years (2008) (Gasner)

My day in court; or, Every dog has his day

(Dan Bahat) Archaeologist devotes life to study of Jerusalem

(Etrog) Toronto sculptor Sorel Etrog helps commemorate D-Day landing

The day I invited Chubby Checker to town (by Alex Beder)

Stewart Bell: Keeping tabs on terrorists

Encounter with David Cronenberg 

(about Debbie Rose) A Trove of Yiddish Letters

Jews and the Lord’s Day Act

Genealogy as a labour of love

Windows into Toronto’s past (city directories, census)

(Jacobovici) Exodus Decoded features Toronto’s Indiana Jones

(Kaplan/Sprachman) Architects’ records given to Ontario Jewish Archives (Gasner)

(Lechtzier) From Kamenets-Podolsk to Winnipeg: The History of the Lechtziers

Historic plaque for Kensington Market

Former Yiddish theatre may become heritage site

Pierre Berton’s ‘No Jews Need Apply’