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Schneerson sneered at the ‘strange and queer’ (1987)

Restoring Siedleczka’s old Jewish cemetery

Profile: Margie Wolfe of Second Story Press

David Rome, an appreciation (Kayfetz)

Review of The 40s: The Story of A Decade (New Yorker)

Why Canada should admit Jewish refugees from Europe (1939)

New serial: The Girls I Might Have Married (1919)

The Girls I Might Have Married (Part II)

Editorial: Ganging Up On Israel (Tely 1969)

Archivist of Gothomania: Portrait of Walter Winchell (1936)

Wife versus Secretary: Stenographers hold the mirror to wives (1922)

The Man Who Would Be Messiah (Schneerson) (1999)

“KENNEDY SHOT” — First news hits Toronto (1963)

“Mashers I Have Met” — Toronto Girl Tells All (1913)

Emma Goldman, Toronto’s anarchist guest (1926)

Influx of poor Hebrews causes problem (1891)

Furor over United Church pastor-editor (1969)

A shocker: Mother & babe held at US-Canada border for two weeks (1931)

Secular Humanism: Jews without God

20,000 gawkers swarm Bessie Starkman funeral, 1930

The Falsified Passports Affair: a classical dialogue (Middle East intrigue)

At 100, Bogolmony maintains positive outlook (Gasner)

Toronto’s Tom Sandler, photographer to the Royals

Israeli infiltrated Germany’s neo-Nazi movement

Egyptian-born Jewish grandfather returns to Egypt

Two books on the Jews of Montreal

An organization that redeems lost Jews

(News) Canada outlaws Hezbollah (2002)

Profile: Deepak Chopra, growth-industry guru

Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World

A Second Look at Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ (2018)

Hubble: Universe in a Mirror

The Bible and modern cosmology in perfect harmony

(Cootes Paradise) Paradise now: a wetland called Cootes

(Dan Bahat) Archaeologist devotes life to study of Jerusalem

(Dead Sea Scrolls) After a half century, Dead Sea Scrolls coming into the light


A Second Look at Harari’s ‘Sapiens’ (2018)

Rhea Clyman chronicled Soviet famine

Jewish Soldiers of World War One

Review: Two Days in June, by Andrew Cohen (JFK presidency) (2014)

Canada’s 400th birthday — and Toronto at 100 (1934)

Re-enacting the War of 1812 near Long Point

Moses Montefiore, a man of his people

A Jewish homeland on Grand Island, 1825


My return to Konin (Poland) (2018)

Mary Berg and the Warsaw Ghetto

Ottawa prof wins Yad Vashem prize for Holocaust research (2014)

Canadian Parliament Hears of Polish Atrocities (1919)

Book review: The Dentist of Auschwitz

Good ship Paducah smuggled Jews to Palestine 

My Grandfather’s Gallery: A Family Memoir of Art and War

Review: The Gershwins & Me, by Michael Feinstein

Jerry Gray still traveling with Travellers

RebbeSoul music is soulful, spiritual

Orchestrating the American Dream (Bernstein family saga)

Moonlight, romance and Jewish songwriters

A compendium of Canadian Jews in the arts


My return to Konin (Poland) (2018)

The House of the Living (fiction by Bill Gladstone)

A remembrance on Remembrance Day

Bathurst Manor memory: frog hunting in the creek

My search for the sculptor Glicenstein and other Glicenstein ‘cousins’

An encounter with David Cronenberg

My day in court; or, Every dog has his day

Swept away at Niagara Falls: a cautionary tale

How not to cross the Allenby Bridge