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Review: A Rosenberg by Any Other Name: A History of Jewish Name Changing in America (Kirsten Fermaglich, 2018)

Judische Familienforschung: World’s first Jewish genealogy society

Resource: Street directory of Toronto’s “Ward” — 1913

Two views of Bristol house, 1911 & 1914

Lost photos return home after 17 years

Review: “The Juggler’s Children,” by Carolyn Abraham

World’s Yiddish literature to be digitalized

Genealogical Resource: List of Jewish Names in Cyrillic & Polish

Finding an unclaimed fortune in the family tree

How Toronto’s city directory is compiled (1913)

Toronto’s Jewish ‘Unknown Soldier’ from WWI

Influx of poor Hebrews causes problem (1891)

My search for the sculptor Glicenstein and other Glicenstein cousins

Mormons baptise Holocaust victims

Kurzweil’s classic From Generation to Generation

From A Ruined Garden: a marvelous distillation of memory

Baron de Hirsch: the ‘Moses of the New World’

New book from JGS Toronto

Jewish coats of arms

Don’t wait to interview elderly relatives

A conversation with great aunt Sophie

In genealogy, it ain’t necessarily so

Find your family’s passenger lists


CENSUS RESOURCE: Street-by-street guide to Jewish residents of Toronto, 1911

List of European Jews seeking relatives in Canada, 1922

How Yad Vashem computerized names of Holocaust victims

Diverse subjects on JewishGen discussion group

The miracle called

Old news is new again (searchable newspaper archives)

About the Polish-Jewish records indexing project & JewishGen


Holocaust survivor sees photo of family for first time

Batya Unterschatz, Israel’s One-Woman Search Bureau (2003)

Genealogy and the Holocaust

Peter Lande on Holocaust records

All in a day’s work: Census takers in ‘the Ward’

From Belarus to Cape Breton & beyond (Rose)

Windows into Toronto’s past (city directories, census)

Bathurst Street ‘treasure trove’: the Ontario Jewish Archives

Library & Archives Canada preserves our history

Canada’s Jews: A People’s Journey

The Jews of Windsor

Sephardic Jews in early Canada

Search Out the Land

The de Solas: a distinguished Sephardic lineage

Jews and the Lord’s Day Act

The 1911 census is a powerful tool

50th anniversary of Belleville’s Sons of Jacob Congregation (Gasner)

Mother & babe held at US-Canada border for two weeks (1931)


Glimpses of Jewish Baltimore

Stories from Jewish Portland

Jewish genealogy in Pennsylvania

Canadian Jews fought in American Civil War

Patai’s history of Hungarian Jews

Reconstructing Hungarian-Jewish world

Hungary’s secret Jewish collection

Gluckel’s “seven little books”

The Court Jew (Stern)

Portraits of the Past (Jews in German countryside)

The Jewish ghetto in literature


A concise guide to Krakow — for genealogists

Medical condition leads to genealogy breakthrough 

Dubnow’s classic history of Jews in Poland and Russia

Weiner’s Jewish Roots in Poland breaks new ground

Weiner’s Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova

Hundert’s study of 18th-century Opatow, Poland

Shneidman’s study of the Vilna Ghetto

Finding your Jewish roots in Galicia

The Forgotten ‘Fusgeyers’ 


‘Jewish Victorian’ a fascinating window into British past


Sephardic roots preserved in records of Spanish Inquisition

The Canary Island inquisition 

 Sephardic Jews in early Canada

A History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico

Jewish Remnants in Spain

The de Solas: a distinguished Sephardic lineage

The Jewish ‘New Muslims’ of Meshhed, Iran

Markman’s Jewish Remnants in Spain


1839 Travelogue through the Jewish World

Gone with the Grodtizinsky’s: name changes

Of Berliners, Oppenheimers and Rothschilds

Shining a light on Jewish names

Beider on Russian-Jewish surnames

Beider on Polish-Jewish surnames

What’s in a name? (Feldblyum)


Review of YIVO and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture

An overlooked classic of immigrant fiction (One Foot in America, by Yuri Suhl)

(Zubasky, Brent) Review: Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories

Photos capture ‘the way we were’

Postcards from the past

Why they left the Old Country

Lives Remembered: Photographs of a Small Town in Poland

Two guidebooks from Ruth Ellen Gruber

Translation guide spurred my Glicenstein breakthrough (Frazin’s Translation Guide)


The catastrophe of 1648

Kishinev, 100 years later

Titanic genealogy

In Poland, a modern blood libel

Restoring Jewish heritage sites with Sam Gruber


PUBLISH OR PERISH: How I Got The Rubinoff-Naftolin Family Saga into Print

A Bacher family reunion in the Catskills, 1983

Noyek Family Reunion

The Family Orchard, family history novel

A search for six of the Six Million (The Lost)

Publish your family history

An exemplary family history (Bernstein)

Mildred Wyman’s ‘Forest of Trees’

From Kamenets-Podolsk to Winnipeg: The History of the Lechtziers

On Jewish memoirs and autobiography

A trove of Yiddish letters

Memoir of a Russian Jewish family

Yiddish letters knit together ‘A Thousand Threads’

Genealogy as a labour of love

Mosaic: A Chronicle of Five Generations

Warm Toronto Memoirs

David Vanek’s Fulfillment 

More genealogical adventures (Jassem, McCartney)

Kaminker family plans reunion

Kerry’s family comes full circle

Klaver family ‘together again for the first time’

Descendants of Michigan’s first Jewish settler ‘reunite’

Orchestrating the American Dream (Bernstein family saga)

Profile: Rose Friedman at 100 (Part of Rubinoff-Naftolin family of Toronto)